Sunday, 25 October 2015

Special Entry For My Little Cheeky Boy, Armin Irfan :)

Last year, kakak graduate kindergarten pun feeling macam ni.
This year, Irfan pulak. Mama over sikit, feeling lebih... habis tadika je pun :)

You've learned so much,
in your kindergarten year,
now you're finished,
and we will cheer. 

It must have been fun,
to make friends and sing,
What was your,
very favourite thing? 

Was it when you learned,
how to grow plants?
Or when you played outside
with those ants? 

We'll place all your kindergarten memories,
into your drawer,
  Standard one will be so much fun,
you'll learn and explore. 

Congratulations on a great,
kindergarten year,
You're a precious child,
and I love you my dear. 

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