Saturday, 15 October 2011

Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), susah tau nak dapat buat sendiri ni

first of all, thanks to fafa dear sebab kongsi a very good information pasal Virgin Coconut Oil ni. siap promote lagi business akak. really really appreciate that.
fafa share pasal mak dia buat sendiri minyak tu. rajin kan. if korang nak tau lebih lanjut macam mana her mum buat Virgin Coconut Oil, singgah blog fafa k:)

bukan senang weh nak buat minyak nih. hanya golongan yang mempunyai tahap kesabaran yang tinggi jer mampu buat ni. tapi zaman moden sekarang nih, senang jer nak dapat yang siap dah. harga pun tak mahal, berpatutan la.

Some information on Virgin Coconut Oil Softgels by Catalyst

Virgin Coconut Oil by Catalyst is in softgel capsule form for easy consuming and storage. Extracted through biotechnology's bacteria fermentation process, yielding up to 60% extraordinarily pure lauric acid .The increased content of lauric acid strengthens the body immune system.

"Never before in the history of man is it so important to emphasize the value of Lauric Oils. The medium chain fats in coconut oil are similar to fats in mother's milk and have similar nutriceutical effects."
Jon J. Kabara, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University

Catalyst Virgin Coconut Oil has helped change people's lives and it can change yours too. It is used by many people in their daily diet for general health management and beauty & other treatments. Give yourself a chance to experience the many benefits of Catalyst virgin coconut oil!

Credit to Catalyst

Note : Aku tengah buat prmosi VCO Catalyst Softgel sekarang. klik sini yer:)


Salina@IbuAqil said...

Yelah dear, ibu berminat dgn set penjagaan muka dia.. Tggu gaji lah yang.. ;)

Zana Adieyza said...

zaman moden ni semua nak yg segera.. semua mcm malas nk buat2, so beli dh siap jer.. apapun, VCO mmg best!

Eri-chan said...

pernah masak minyak kelapa. 20 biji. tolong arwah bapak. belah, parut, masak sampai pati dapat 1-2 botol je kot...penat ya ampun.......

Cik Rose Cute said...

sekarang cepat dan mudah segalanya...hihihi

...sWeeT uMi... said...

umi pun mkn VCO ni...mmg best (^__^)...dah bertakhta di hati daaaaaa hehehehe

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